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Human Performance

The physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual demands on a law enforcement professional compare to few other careers. Once high performing, vibrant, fit and enthusiastic individuals can turn into injured, anxious, depressed and cynical people often in a matter of a few years on the job. The old way of solely focusing on physical fitness to improve the vitality and functioning of personnel and teams is gone…it doesn’t work.

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PoliceSpirit approaches Human Performance in TWO categories:


A healthy, high functioning law enforcement officer must be whole… an officer may be able to run fast, jump high or have tremendous physical strength but if the mind and soul are in chaos, it’s only a matter of time before that once promising officer can no longer find the motivation and will to sustain his or her passion for career and, tragically, sometimes life in general. The time to focus on your officers' whole health... physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually... is right now. It is never too late to have a full, healthy life.


High functioning, high performing tactical units or teams are always looking to sustain or improve performance.  High performing tactical operators can take lessons from elite athletes who focus on the whole health training concept of body, mind and spiritual connection. Law enforcement is just on the cusp of embracing this connection…the time is now.  Tactical operators don’t just need sound, pain-free bodies, they also need sound judgment, situational awareness, and calm minds. On top of all that, they are human beings with families and friends and a “real” life…a life that can be profoundly impacted by the daily rigors and unique stressors of a tactical operator.

We offer or partner with experts to provide human performance training and education in the following specialty areas: