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Effective 21st Century law enforcement leaders must understand the human needs of their officers and personnel…physical, mental, emotional and spiritual… in order for agencies to reach their full potential and retain or develop high performing individuals which leads to high performing teams. 

Whole health leadership in Fredericksburg, VA is NOT about being “soft”…it is about guiding, supporting and inspiring a workforce of healthy, high functioning human beings with a passion for work and life despite being in one of the toughest professions on the body, psyche, and spirit.

Health Leadership | Fredericksburg, VA

PoliceSpirit offers training and education in holistic wellness and human performance for law enforcement executives and frontline supervisors. “Holistic” encompasses not just physical training but adds the elements of cognitive functioning and spirituality to improve job performance, career longevity and general well being of officers and personnel.  

We offer or partner with experts to provide Whole Health Leadership education in the following specialty areas: