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Police Spirit in Fredericksburg, VA specializes in human performance program consultation, leadership training and development. We specifically focus on programs to improve wellness for law enforcement personnel. We provide our wellness programs and services nationwide.

A career in law enforcement is a noble yet not easy one.  Long hours away from home and family, physical demands and injuries, pressures to be perfect and the need for quick decision making during critical, life-threatening moments can often lead to cumulative stress (whether obvious or not) which inhibits mental clarity, cognitive functioning, and physical ability. What suffers in return is an officer’s job performance, health, and career longevity. 

Police Spirit Fredericksburg, VA

On top of that, law enforcement officers see the best and worst in people but often zero in on the worst while forgetting true humanity is out there too. What happens next can lead to a lifetime of cynicism, pessimism, and isolation. We in law enforcement don’t have to be this way. We can indeed fulfill our mission to protect and serve others while still retaining our whole health and passion for the joys of life.  Whole health is not about being “soft”…it is about being strong and staying strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually by working on SELF and CHOOSING to be healthy.  

Improve Wellness Fredericksburg, VA

Well-rounded officers are functioning human beings who do not allow their law enforcement roles to take over their lives. 

Whether you are looking to improve your agency’s wellness or human performance program or implement a brand new one, PoliceSpirit offers the training and education on the most current and effective methods and tools to improve a law enforcement officer’s job performance, embrace and adapt to stress, grow from trauma and simply be better, stronger, happier human beings. 

We have an experienced team of current and former law enforcement professionals, as well as partnerships with recognized mindfulness and human performance educators, who can provide your agency with progressive, forward-leaning ideas for a healthier more effective workforce.

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Suzanna HasnaySuzanna Hasnay,
Founder and President

Michael McAuliffeMichael McAuliffe,
Team Member, Instructor

Irene BarathIrene Barath,
Ontario Police College

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"Suzanna is the ultimate professional. An engaging presenter, she "gets" adult education and works hard to stimulate her audience to learn for themselves. Suzanna productively challenges groups around some of their thoughts and beliefs, ultimately expanding thought and causing growth. Her style resonated deeply in Australia and received exceptional feedback from rooms full of public sector executive leaders."
Phil S., Former Director of Leadership Practice; Australian Institute of Police Management (AIPM)

"Suzanna is on the cutting edge of law enforcement training with her powerful and passionate message on leadership and emotional intelligence." 
Lt. Melvin A., Texas Department of Public Safety

"Suzanna is a first class presenter with a commanding grasp of so many topics. Her emotional IQ and law enforcement wellness lectures leave me inspired and motivated. She is a true professional with rich experience." 
Holly H., Retired FBI Assistant Special in Charge