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Our Vision:
A Full, Healthy Life

Our Mission

To educate and inspire a whole-health approach to wellness and human performance for the entire workforce.

Our Values

Shield Know It - Be curious, learn, and stay open-minded.
Shield Believe It - Be authentic, positive and honest with yourself and others.
Shield Live It - Be humble, kind, and resilient.

Human Performance & wellness Programs 

What is PoliceSpirit?

It is the path to being whole: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the many challenges of a law enforcement career is navigating the inherent stressors of mind, body and soul.  The body takes a beating, the mind loses clarity and perspective, and the soul simply gets drained. Law enforcement professionals need to understand, support and promote the whole health well-being of their workforce …and themselves…in order to build and sustain healthy and high performing individuals and teams.

PoliceSpirit is a company dedicated to consulting with and educating law enforcement leaders, tactical operators and front-line supervisors on whole health wellness and its relationship to leadership, emotional intelligence, resiliency and human performance. 

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